Sharon H.J. Cheng Studio

I am a contemporary visual artist who holds the ancient Eastern philosophy of ‘Chi’, also called Energy, Spirit, and Soul, deep in my heart. ‘Chi’ is the backbone of my work. In my opinion, ‘Chi’ not only pervades the universe, but is also expressed in every shape and form. I believe ‘Chi’ is the essence of all creativity and flows from the character of the artist. ‘Chi’ is the dynamic principle of artistic creation that transcends representational appearance and sentimental atmospherics. In addition to ‘Chi’, I have profound feelings about SPACE and TIME, which are often shown in my work reflecting our life journey intertwining with them.

In exploring possibility of visual presentation and balance, I have been experimenting with various shapes and sizes. If the diamond shape presentation of square painting is my new balance, then the circle shape painting is my langue of searching for harmony in my art. A circle is an existence that has neither pointed edge, nor beginning, nor end. I think the shape and form of Circle present energy of harmony. Therefore, I am inspired to take up ‘Searching Harmony Conditions’ as my new project to have deeper understanding about the relationship between Circle’s geometrical shape and its surrounding bio-environment. Recent years I’ve also developed interests in contemporary Sumi-E (ink and brush painting), mixed media sculpture and installation. They have brought great joy of innovation and new energy to my artistic life!