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Food for My Soul
Food for My Soul
Conte Crayon on Paper
25 inch x 19 inch

I started this work as a design for my own Fantasy Sculpture Garden serial, then I slowly developed it to express my thoughts about the spiritual food that is essential to me. The heart motif plays a more dominant role than my habitual circles, presenting peace and harmony, in this work. The shape and form of hearts have been broadly recognized as the symbol of Love. We all have the desire to be loved and to love. In my opinion, Love is something that makes us strong and wholly. A loving heart to ourself and to others has the power of planting seeds of peaceful minds in many. If there were no Love, there won't be peace in our soul.

There are various shades of Conte crayons utilized on this drawing. Besides the common drawing adding technique, I particularly like the subtracting technique when I use Conte crayons. While white conte crayon and eraser stick are often used to highlight and bring out the details from the darker areas; to me, the marks created by erasing with an eraser give structural characters to the drawing.

I think drawing is an excellent practice of consolidating our artistic ideas.