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Pink Monsters2018 - 2019
Pink Monsters2018 - 2019
Oil on Linen
60 in. x 40 in.

The color of pink looks lovely. But beware! Something you love might bring you emotional stress or silently crash on you!

In this painting (which is larger than my regular scale), I have utilized circles, my habitual motif, to express something distinct from my usual thoughts of peace and harmony. Rather, the goal of this work is to express feelings of constraint, hate, powerlessness, stress, and situations of struggle or conflict provoked by something dear or special in our hearts. I have flat-painted the various sizes of the circles in black, white, gold, mauve or pinks spread over the monotonic tone of pink background. The circles scatter, overlap, flock, and super-impose over the seemingly pleasant pink landscape. They compose a surface where some display the effect of naïveté, or stress; some float, some freeze, and some find breakthrough. Finally, the volume of circles packed tightly and overhanging the top of the painting emphasizes the considerable weight coming from the love/hate tension. The internal stress crashes down on you; yet, somehow, there is hope to overcome the unbearable situation. Beware of Pink! Beware of something that might attract you –even what you might love!