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Circling the Memoirs, No. 7
Circling the Memoirs, No. 7
Oil on Linen
40 in x 30 in

Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world. My family and I have had many wonderful visits there through the years. Hence, it was an easy decision for us to spend a whole year in Paris after a life-threatening illness and difficult medical treatments in 2006. Paris was my oasis that nurtured my body and soul. The experiences in Paris enriched our life and profoundly affected my artistic development.

Circles have long been symbols of peace and harmony to me. In this work, the motif of circles prevails across the surface, most of them wrapped with the texts of MPF 733 PARIS 75014. They are flatly painted bright yellow with a hidden meaning of hope. The texts in various colors are the codes of our tiny Parisian apartment. The two commingle over the light blue background. The yellow circles become larger from the bottom to the top of the painting to manifest my rediscovery of hope and self-confidence at this temporary refuge. The work commemorates my retreat and recovery in Paris. I will be grateful for this experience forever!