Installation > Hope and Love to Nana

Hope and Love to Nana

This installation facing the Statue of Liberty is a celebration of my daughter’s sweet sixteen in January. Nana is the nickname she gave to herself when she was a toddler. She has been always very energetic and independent, and she has some ‘big’ plans for her future. I love her very much, and it’s been a learning and fulfilling journey with her.

‘Hope and Love’ is the center message of this project. A mosquito net, colored feathers, glass beads and a child-size chair are the primary items included in the installation. A mosquito net hanging from the ceiling defines a safe space and implies the protection provided by a mindful mother. On the top of the mosquito net, yellow feathers are attached around it to make a circular yellow crown or a hollowed full moon. The bright yellow color, in my opinion, not only conveys positive energy, but also represents the meaning of Hope. Some assorted colored feathered are scattered over the net to create a playful space that children will appreciate. A small white chair inside the net is placed on the floor in the center of the circular space, like the center of the universe, like inside a mother’s womb. On its seat, some pink (the favorite color of many little girls) feathers are secured onto it to make a soft ‘cushion’, like mother’s warm and soft cuddles. I utilize the blue, white and green colored glass beads, surrounding the chair on the floor, as ‘waters’ to connect to the bigger world. Among the glass beads, the single red glass bead, in front the little white chair, manifestos of Love – whenever, where ever, whatever there is Love.

By creating this installation, I am celebrating the milestone of sixteen; meanwhile, I am preparing my daughter and myself for her future journey. She has been a dream chaser and will always be. I am sending her my best wishes with my whole heart of Love and Hope. Go, go! Nana! Go!